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Using My Proven Lean Offsite Blueprint™️ I'll Increase Your Factory's Productivity By A Minimum Of 10% Within 90 Working Days GUARANTEED, Without Adding Headcount Or Expensive Technology!

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Most offsite factories and prefab shops never properly optimize their operations for two main reasons. Firstly, they have to prioritize the contracts they are currently working on to keep the lights on and never get the chance to sit down and improve their systems and processes until it's too late. And secondly, they are too emotionally attached and don't have the expertise or experience to know what needs to be done, how to prioritize it, and how to get it done WITHOUT negatively affecting their current workload. Lean Offsite Blueprint™️ solves both of these problems.

Phase #1 (30 days)

Research and Discovery

During this initial phase I have 2 main goals:

  1. Analyze all of your existing processes so I can identify ALL opportunities where I can move the needle so I can create a hierarchy of optimizations to implement in the next phase.
  2. Make sure that everyone on your team is clear on the strategy, the goal, and that we have buy-in from everyone across the entire chain.

This phase starts with a virtual kick-off meeting with your team followed up with 3-day in-person visit where I will collect data on all of your existing processes, including video of your entire process.

Once back in the office, I will review the data and footage and build a plan of action to be implemented in the next phase.

Phase #2 (60 Days)


In this phase I will visit your factory 3 times, starting with an initial 2-day visit to launch the first round of optimizations. 

During this visit I will work with both management and on-the-ground floor workers to make sure everyone is aligned on what needs to be done, and knows exactly how to get it done.

In my latter two visits I will coach both management and workers on optimizing these strategies further to maximize efficiency and waste reductions.

Phase #3 (Ongoing)

Iterate and optimize

Once we have finished the initial 90-day period we sit down and measure the efficiency gains across each department to see what we achieved and what we can learn from what we have done so far so we can plan ahead for the next 90 days and we rinse and repeat until your factory is running like a well-oiled machine.

My Lean Offsite™ guarantee

I'll increase your factory's productivity by a minimum of 10% in 90 working days or you get every cent of your money back!

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Achieved an 87% increase in labor productivity in one station, a 67% increase in another, and a 59% increase overall, within 90 working days


Key Structures

Modular Offsite Manufacturing

Short Term Results
Achieved An 87% Increase In Labor Productivity In One Station, A 67% Increase In Another, And A 59% Increase Overall, Within 90 Working Days

Plant Manager
Jonathan Dallin

Realized a 300% increase in labor productivity in their exterior cladding (siding) station


Cutting Edge Modular

Modular Offsite Manufacturing

Short Term Results
Realized a 300% increase in labor productivity in their exterior cladding (siding) station

Isaac Lassiter

$17,000,000 in annual labor productivity increases identified


Modular Mobilization Coalition

Modular Offsite Manufacturing

Short Term Results
$17,000,000 in annual labor productivity increases identified

Executive Director
Colby Swanson

Developed a 7-figure Services Division from nothing based on our consulting work and recommendations, for a 49X (4,900%) ROI.


Arbor Valley

Construction Materials

Short Term Results
Developed a 7-figure Services Division from nothing based on our consulting work and recommendations, for a 49X (4,900%) ROI

Chief Operating Officer
Jim Browning

Uncovered 7 key hidden underserved customer needs, then developed 3 highly-targeted, high-impact near-term innovation concepts based on those needs


Stream Logistics

Offsite component transportation

Short Term Results
Uncovered 7 key hidden underserved customer needs, then developed 3 highly-targeted, high-impact near-term innovation concepts based on those needs

Carson Holmquist

Here's even more of our success stories...

Removed approximately 1 ton of unneeded items, freeing up hundreds of square feet of usable storage space

Meet Your New Head Of Productivity

Daniel Small

MBA, Certified Engineer, lean six sigma black belt

Holding a degree in engineering, an MBA, and a Lean Six Sigma black belt, in addition to my 20 years experience driving growth through process optimization, I offer unique value for offsite factories looking to streamline operations.

As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Certified Outcome-Driven Innovation® Practitioner with training in Jobs-To-Be-Done and Systems Thinking, I have a deep passion for helping my clients apply engineering principles and analytical processes to execute and innovate with precision.

To date, my work has resulted in millions of dollars in new product and service development, efficiency gains, cost reductions, market share growth, and profitable revenue increases for my clients.

free report Reveals

5 Steps to a more efficient offsite Factory

Inside this free report you'll learn:
  • How to quickly and simply apply time-tested Lean manufacturing principles to your offsite construction factory
  • The 9 hidden forms of waste in an offsite factory, how common they are, and how to identify and eliminate them
  • Why collecting data on your process is critical to your success, and why simply adding technology will likely make things worse
  • What is Process Cycle Efficiency, and why it's critical to your factory's productivity
  • The secret keys to continuous improvement, to keep your facility getting better and better forever

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lean Offsite™?

Lean Offsite™ is a process optimization and productivity improvement program for offsite construction facilities. By implementing Lean Manufacturing tools and principles in a data-prioritized “blitz” format, Lean Offsite™ dramatically and quickly increases the labor productivity of the factory/shop by at least 10% within 90 working days. This performance is backed by a money-back guarantee.

How does Lean Offsite™ work?

Lean offsite™ utilizes the 5-step Lean Six Sigma process optimization framework known as DMAIC to identify and eliminate waste from the process:

  1. Define - The process is defined, mapped, and studied to thoroughly understand its objectives, steps, inputs, outputs, and value creation.

  2. Measure - Each step in the process is measured quantitatively to determine the current state of efficiency and effectiveness.

  3. Analyze - The data collected is then analyzed to identify sources and levels of waste at each step in the process and determine the priority of solutions.

  4. Improve - Based on the analysis, solutions are developed to eliminate the largest sources of waste, and the solutions are implemented and results measured against the baseline to confirm effectiveness.

  5. Control - Once performance is confirmed, the improved procedures are standardized and systematized for long-term retention of efficiency gains.

Through this methodical approach, productivity, throughput, profit, safety, quality, and employee satisfaction are all increased.

Where did the idea for the Lean Offsite™ program come from?

Offsite construction has the significant potential to reduce costs, schedule, and defects by making use of a controlled manufacturing environment. And to an extent, it is doing that. However, as I’ve worked with many offsite construction companies over the years, I’ve observed that offsite construction and prefabrication still struggles to realize its full potential to disrupt construction. 

There are many causes for this unrealized potential, but one of the biggest and most addressable is lingering inefficiency in most offsite factories & shops due to suboptimal process design. Factory-based work is certainly better than field work, but most shops are still woefully inefficient. In fact, from my analysis of over 500 hours of offsite factory work, an average of 74% of labor time in offsite factories is Non-Value-Add time, or Waste. As a result, the factory struggles to keep up with demand, and costs are high.

What I believe is needed is a way to fix the root issues in the offsite process itself, so the need to hire more people is lessened, and inefficiencies are not compounded by premature technology adoption.

Lean Offsite™ was developed to meet that need.

How does Lean Offsite™ benefit offsite manufacturing & prefabrication companies?

Lean Offsite™ is designed to be very hands-on and no-nonsense. We work very closely with the client’s front line staff and management, in their factory or shop as well as remotely. We quickly identify the issues causing inefficiency, and develop grass-roots solutions for those issues. We then implement & standardize those process and environmental improvements to eliminate waste and boost labor productivity, sometimes by more than 80% (although that’s not typical). The result is quick wins, staff buy-in, and a huge push toward the long-term establishment of a Lean culture and a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement.

Why shouldn’t we assign this to a staff member or hire a full-time employee to do it?

Implementing Lean in a factory requires a lot of time and specialized expertise. Most offsite factory operations leaders do not have the training and experience in Lean implementation, and they certainly don’t have the extra time to manage such a large, long-term project. In addition, hiring a Lean manufacturing expert full-time is very time-consuming and expensive, due to the highly specialized skills and qualifications required and the periodic nature of the work.

If we could just hire a few more employees, won’t that solve our throughput problems?

With the current severe labor shortage, this strategy is not viable for most companies. And in the rare case when it IS possible to find people, this approach increases direct costs and requires significant resources to find, recruit, hire, train, and retain the employees.

We’re thinking about first implementing software to track our production process. Won’t that accomplish the efficiency we need?

Having worked in offsite software, I can confidently say that adding technology to an inefficient process usually complicates things, dilutes workers’ focus, obscures the real process issues, and speeds up waste, or is Band-Aid at best.

Who is a candidate for the Lean Offsite™ program?

The Lean Offsite™ program has been specially designed for all forms of offsite construction. As such, any company that manufactures, fabricates, or assembles components or assemblies in a factory environment for later installation in a building on site, can benefit from Lean Offsite™. Specifically, this includes manufacturers of volumetric modules; pods; wall, floor, & ceiling panels; precast concrete components; and trusses & joists; as well as single-trade (MEP) prefabbing contractors.

Why should we consider participating in Lean Offsite™?

Every process has a large amount of waste, and offsite construction & prefabrication processes are no exception. Reducing process waste is one of the highest-ROI business management practices. In a construction or manufacturing company, materials and labor are by far the two largest cost centers. With great effort, over a very long time, under ideal circumstances, material costs can be reduced by perhaps a few percent, with the risk of reduced quality. By contrast, labor costs can be reduced by 10, 20, or 30 percent or even more within months by the wise application of Lean Manufacturing principles, usually with an INCREASE in quality. Lean Offsite™ offers this level of potential benefit. 

As an example, for a factory with 50 full-time employees at an average fully-loaded wage rate of $35 per hour, just a 10% increase in labor productivity would result in approximately $350,000 per year in financial benefit. This does not include the monetary and non-monetary benefits of the accompanying increases in throughput, inventory turns, quality, customer satisfaction, employee retention, etc.

How does the Productivity Guarantee work?

We’re so confident that Lean Offsite™ will work for you that we’re willing to back it up with a full money-back guarantee. If, over the course of the 90-working-day program, your labor productivity (defined as production per labor hour) doesn’t increase by at least 10%, we’ll give every dime of your investment back.

To qualify for the guarantee, all you have to do is follow our instructions throughout the program.

How much does Lean Offsite™ cost?

Let’s face it: Optimizing a manufacturing process and changing a company culture over a period of several months isn’t cheap. Since we’re constantly enhancing the program, the pricing changes periodically, but you should be prepared for a 5-figure investment to achieve a 6- or 7-figure return.

For current pricing, schedule a Discovery call with us today.

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