Modular Mobilization Coalition

$17,000,000 in annual labor productivity increases identified

Our client, a coalition of twenty-four (24) independently-owned modular factories across the United States, asked Da Vinci to evaluate their affiliate factories' operations, with an emphasis on their labor productivity and process efficiency.

We spent a full week in each of six (6) factories, observing over 400 hours of production activity, interviewing 70+ employees, and capturing over 600 additional hours of factory-based construction work on video.

Following the data collection phase, we analyzed hundreds of hours of video footage, using Lean Six Sigma principles of waste management and process optimization. Identifying value-added time and multiple types of non-value-added time, we developed a detailed quantitative analysis of the processes' productivity and efficiency rates.

In the process of this video analysis, we developed a proprietary software tool to facilitate and streamline the data analysis and calculation.

The analysis uncovered a huge and previously unknown opportunity to improve labor productivity by over 100%.


Based on the Process Cycle Efficiency analysis we performed on six of our client's factories' manufacturing processes, over $17,000,000 (~$2,800,000 per factory) in annual labor productivity increases were identified.

Modular Mobilization Coalition

Modular Offsite Manufacturing

Short Term Results
$17,000,000 in annual labor productivity increases identified

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$17,000,000 in annual labor productivity increases identified

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